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《barron's ssat/isee》电子版下载 - 小马过河 资料中心 免费课程 会员中心 考试  动态 sat  考试 ap  考试 您的位置: > ssat频道页 > > 《barron's ssat/isee》电子版下载 咨询热线:021-55882298 《barron's ssat/isee》电子版下载 2015-04-30 13:34 admin 分享到: 0 在线咨询免费热线:021-55882298 摘要:《barron's ssat/isee》电子版下载!备考ssat考试,考生们要选择高质量的备考材料,这样才能有助于成绩的提高,今天小马过河的小编向各位考生推荐《barron's ssat/isee》。   备考ssat用书推荐:barron's ssat/isee。现在《barron's ssat/isee》电子版的也可以免费下载了,考生只要点击下面的图片就能快速的进行下载。现在就下载开始提分吧。  内容简介:  this newly updated edition prepares students to pass either the secondary school admissions test (ssat) or the independent school entrance exam (isee), nationally administered tests used as admission requirements by many private secondary schools. students will find practice and review exercises in verbal skills, reading comprehension, analogies, essay writing, and mathematics, with review material designed to help students pinpoint areas where they need more intensive study. two practice ssat exams and two practice isee exams are included with all questions answered and explained.  内容摘要  《barron's ssat/isee》引进自美国巴朗公司,根据ssat/isee考试最新趋势编写而成,是考生备考复习的权威辅导用书。本书不但介绍了ssat/isee的考试内容和备考策略,还讲解了数学、词汇、阅读理解和写作各部分的考试重点与难点。除此之外,书中还提供了大量例题、练习和模拟试题,助考生全面掌握ssat/isee考试的规律和特点,从而做到高效备考、从容应试。  目录  1 introduction to the ssat and isee exams  doing it right!  overview of general high school entrance exams  the 1see versus the ssat: an overview  the independent school entrance examination  the secondary school admissions test  countdown  reality check  conclusion  2 mathematics review  introduction  integers  natural and whole numbers  comparing integers  exponents  order of operations  rounding off integers  prime numbers  factors and multiples  fractions  comparing and ordering fractions  reducing fractions  changing improper fractions to whole or mixed numbers  changing mixed numbers to improper fractions  equivalent fractions  operations with fractions  decimals  reading decimals  comparing decimals and fractions  rounding off decimals  operations with decimals  scientific notation  percents  changing fractions and whole numbers to percents  changing percents to fractions  changing decimals to percents  changing percents to decimals  finding a percent of a number  applications  algebra  arithmetic operations with signed numbers  formulas  equations  simplifying exponential expressions  roots and radicals  simplifying radicals  operations with radicals  inequalities  operations with monomials and polynomials  absolute value  ratios and proportions  consecutive integers  plane geometry  points  lines  planes  angles  perpendicular lines  coordinate geometry  polygons  angles in polygons  types of triangles, classified by angles  types of triangles, classified by sides  perimeters  areas of polygons  pythagorean theorem  ……  3 verbal skills review  4 reading comprehension review  5 essay writing-ssat and isee  6 practice tests  7 scoring your practice tests  关于barron's ssat/isee的内容就为各位考生介绍到这里了,考生们还有什么想要了解的内容,或者想要获取更多的备考资料,都可以咨询小马过河的在线老师。 相关字搜索:barron's   ssat/isee       上一篇:美国私立高中录取看哪些方面 下一篇:ssat各科考试分析 相关信息 ·ssat考试常见问题答案大盘点 ·ssat考试的7大误区同学们知道吗 ·ssat考试中遇到生词如何处理? ·2016年ssat考试对于初中生难吗? ·不看别哭!ssat评分标准解读 ·ssat否定前缀词汇同学们都知道吗 ·ssat是申请美国留学的重要考试 ·ssat考核难点和攻破技巧介绍 ·ssat小白必备的ssat考试完整介绍 ·申请美国私立高中必备的ssat考试       留学     出国留学视频教程           alevel考试 托福  雅思        ap ib  copyright ?2004-2018 www.xiaoma.com all rights resserved 小马过河版权所有 全国保分电话:021-55882298 微信:13734433272 邮箱:tech@sanlischool.com 北京校区??北京市海淀区丹棱街与海淀东三街交口丹棱soho 6层 上海校区??上海市黄浦区南京西路388号仙乐斯广场16层 - - - - 京公网安备 11010802021370号

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